Read the manual before washing

  • The car wash is set up for washing standard vehicles
  • Consult a car wash service provider about accessories protruding from the car, missing parts or defective body parts
  • Remove any antennas, roof boxes, wheel frames from the car
  • Check that the windows, doors and sunroof are properly closed
  • For wider vehicles and electrically folding mirrors, place the mirrors in the folded position
  • Make sure the rain sensor and automatic wipers are off
  • Leaving the vehicle during the washing process is prohibited
  • Be sure to use the car horn when problems occur

Buy the suitable wash at checkout

  • Drive slowly to the car wash and follow the operator's signals
  • While in the wash shut off the car engine
  • When driving between the washers, stop the car when the red light comes on
  • Exit the car wash when the green light comes on, the door opens automatically
  • Be sure to check the operation of the brakes before leaving the car wash territory

Keep in mind! The customer is responsible for damage caused by non-compliance with the instructions
Complaints regarding the wash should be submitted immediately after consuming the service